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Beneath Storžič
Through a glacial valley to the foot of the mighty Storžič

A marked mountain trail takes you along the glacially sculpted Lom Valley beneath the mighty north wall of Storžič, which from the northern, Tržič side projects a much starker image than from the southern side. Good thing that the trail ends in the warm shelter of Storžič Mountain Hostel.

From Tržič drive through Lom pod Storžičem to the starting point of the trail. There are several trails that lead to Storžič Mountain Hostel, which is located at the edge of the mountain pasture of Jesenje.

Take the trail that starts in Grahovše, where you can park at a nearby quarry designated as a parking lot.

The gravel road leads first across a pasture and then through a forest full of streams. In front of the bridge where the road crosses the Lomščica, a logging skid trail branches off to the right, with a marked hiking trail and a signpost for Storžič Mountain Hostel.

Jump across the Lomščica, after which you’ll start a steep ascent. Fortunately, the steep section is only a short part of the the trail that leads across Senožeti. The name means “hay meadows” and it is a large open grassy area offering a view reaching to Škarjev Rob and Storžič, while to the left you can also see Konjščica with Bela Peč. At the top of Senožeti, the trail adjoins the road, but continue along the trail, as it is now only a stone’s throw to the hostel.

At the destination

From Storžič Mountain Hostel, the forest obscures the view of the northern wall of Storžič, so take a short walk towards, for instance, Mala Poljana, to enjoy a truly magnificent view of the wall.

For hikers looking for more of a challenge, the hostel can serve as the starting point for an ascent of Storžič through Žrelo or across Škarjev Rob, while climbers can choose the climbing route past the bivouac or an even more challenging route. There are also any number of less demanding ascents in the vicinity of the hostel. Nearby are the peaks of Veliki Javornik, Stegovnik, Tolsti Vrh and Bela Peč.

You can return by taking the same route or by the nearby gravel road, along which the hostel can also be reached by mountain bike or car.

In winter, the fastest route to the valley is by sled.

In winter there are excellent sledding runs from here, and you can get to the hostel using snowshoes or mountaineering skis.


  • Karawanks-central part 1:50 000, PZS
  • Storžič - Košuta 1:25 000, PZS
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