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T11 - Zelenica and the saddle Čez Pod ("Triangel")
Popular destination for skiers in the heart of Tržič's ski touring paradise

Zelenica is known far and wide as a popular ski touring destination and also serves as a starting point for longer ski touring trips.

Due to the high elevation and favourable shaded site on the northern side of Begunjščica, the slopes of Zelenica are attractive to visitors from the first early winter snows to the last remaining patches of late spring snow, when the valleys are already bursting into green.

Zelenica is known as the cradle of Slovenian sport skiing, since as far back as1930 ski enthusiasts, who called themselves "zeleničarji", built the first ski hut - Jocif's hut on Zelenica. In the following years, Zelenica was a real breeding ground for skiers, and ski competitions were also organized there. In the 1960s, a cableway was installed up to the hut on Zelenica, and the popular alpine ski resort operated regularly until 2012. After the abandonment of the ski resort and restoration of the fire-damaged Zelenica Mountain Hostel, the entire area was revived by enthusiastic visitors - on touring skis and on foot.


The parking area at the Ljubelj border crossing. Many parking spaces are available and it is suitably maintained in winter as well. There is a fee for parking.


Near the former hotel start climbing towards  Zelenica Mountain Hostel. Information panels and a checkpoint for avalanche beacons have been set up at the starting point. The ascent goes through the open terrain of the former ski area, where a marked hiking trail also runs. You will be moving west the whole way. After an initial steep climb, the terrain flattens out somewhat, and from the former middle station of the Zelenica chairlift (1280 m) the slope increases again, with switchbacks on the steepest part of the former ski area (called "the landslide"). The trail is usually well trodden. At the top of the slope, a service and rescue road joins the trail from the right, but it's best to avoid it in winter due to the greater exposure to avalanches. Another 20 minutes of easy ascent along the snowy service road takes you to Zelenica Mountain Hostel.

After a brief rest at the hostel (1536 m) you will see your destination just before you. Go north and in a few minutes you will reach sunny slopes that you will ascend for another 200 metres of elevation gain from the hostel to the area of the former ski run called "Triangel", up to the saddle Čez Pod, in the vicinity of which is a weather station.


Ski down along the route you came up on.


The ascent to Zelenica Mountain Hostel is prone to avalanche hazard in unfavourable snow conditions, particularly from the former middle station of the chairlift on: from the slopes of Begunjščica (Šentanski plaz), and even more frequently from the right side in the direction of the ascent (below the steep grassy slopes below Spodnji Plot), which is why movement along the part of the service road below Spodnji Plot is inadvisable (for ascent as well as descent). Before setting off be sure to enquire about current conditions.
In spring there are often bare patches in the lower part of the descent (above Ljubelj) so you will need to end your descent somewhat earlier, if possible making use of the last patches of snow towards the scree behind the former hotel.

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