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Stegovnik Waterfall
A peaceful and relaxing place

Stegovnik Waterfall is a few hundred metres distant from Medvodje, you just need to follow Stegovnik Brook. Over millions of years the brook gradually sculpted a streambed and deposited stones from the mountain of the same name in it. The roughly 15-metre-high waterfall can be viewed in all seasons; access is also possible by mountain bike.

Exit the Ljubljana – Jesenice motorway at Podtabor and drive towards Tržič and Ljubelj. Turn right into Tržič before the petrol station. Go past the swimming complex of Gorenjska Beach towards the town and follow the signs for Dovžan Gorge. Continue through Dolina and Jelendol and after three kilometres park by the ruins of the former military guardhouse in Medvodje. To the left the road goes towards Dolga Njiva below Košuta, while straight ahead a path leads towards Brsnina.

Trail markers direct you to the right towards Stegovnik Waterfall. When you cross the wooden bridge the path will take you by a small football field along the streambed of the brook, full of pools, cascades, and small falls, which the youngest nature-lovers will also find of interest. After about 15 minutes you'll arrive at the waterfall. A narrow path will take you to a point just beneath it, and above the waterfall there continues an interesting little valley with pools.

The stream would end its flow quickly and imperceptibly in the Tržič Bistrica if its course were not blocked by the dark grey, in places almost black, Middle Triassic dolomite. In spring and after periods of heavy rain a fast-moving column of water, about 15 m in height and 6 m in width, flows over the twisted layers of rock.

You likely will not make the journey here merely to view the waterfall. If you have finished exploring the nearby Dovžan Gorge or if you are just returning from below Košuta, your path can take you to the waterfall, offering pleasant refreshment in summer, while in winter when it freezes it becomes a challenge for ice climbers.

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