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Preval Mountain Dairy

Preval (or Prevala) mountain pasture, located on the southeastern slope of Begunjščica, is a popular excursion and hiking destination. From the pasture, where there is also a herder's hut, there is a beautiful view of the southern slopes of Begunjščica, the Julian Alps with Triglav, Košutica and Veliki Vrh on Košuta. If you've already heard that on one of the Slovenian mountain pastures you can get dumplings with 100 grams of melted chocolate, then Preval is the right destination for your next trip.

The pasture lies on the saddle that divides St. Anne Valley (Podljubelj) from the Draga Valley, at an elevation of 1311 metres. The dairy is open all year, but outside the grazing season, in the winter months, only on weekends when the weather is fair. It is an intermediate point along the Slovenian Mountain Trail, the Via Alpina, and the Trans Karavanke MTB Trail.

Local cuisine

In summer the dairy serves homemade dishes made from milk and cheese, dumplings, žganci (buckwheat spoonbread) with sour milk, jota (sauerkraut stew) with sausage, and other one-pot meals as well as homemade desserts. 


Best of all is to sit outside in front of the dairy, where there is seating for up to 50 persons. Indoors there is seating for 12.


You can reach the dairy on foot from several different directions:

  • by the forest road from Lajb (Podljubelj),
  • by the marked hiking trail from the Draga Valley across Luknja,
  • by the forest road from the Draga Valley past the mountain pasrture of Planinica,
  • by the Tržič Alpine Trail from Dobrča,
  • by the popular but unmarked trail from Ljubelj through the Born Tunnel.

The dairy is also a favourite destination for mountain bikers in good physical shape and is one of the checkpoints for the Trans Karavanke MTB Trail:

  • by the forest road from Lajb (Podljubelja),
  • by the forest road from the Draga Valley past the mountain pasture of Planinica.

Cyclists should ride only along the forest roads mentioned and follow the gudelines prepared by the Consortium


For those for whom the dairy is merely a stop for a meal break, the path can be continued:

  • towards Roblek Mountain Hostel on Begunjiščica,
  • to the summit of Begunjščica,
  • along the Tržič Alpine Trail to Dobrča.


  • Karawanks-central part 1:50 000, PZS
  • Stol and Begunjščica 1:25 000, PZS
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