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International mountain race for oldtimers - Hrast Memorial

Drivers of motorcycles, motorcycles with sidecars, and oldtimer cars compete in a race along the well known gravel road that leads over the mountain pass of Ljubelj, with a grade of 33%.

The first mountain speed races for cars and motorcycles in Slovenia took place on Ljubelj as far back as in 1926, when the development of motorization was still in early infancy. Up until 1939 there were eleven races, with a high international participation, and Ljubelj became famous as the most challenging race in Europe.

In 1953 the first postwar international competition was held. The races had died out by 1961, but were revived again in 1996.

The events used to be run along a considerably longer route but now a part of the old route, which leads to the border crossing, is paved. Since the organizers want to re-create the races as they were 40 years ago, the events today take place on the gravel road that leads from the border crossing to the top of the old pass on Ljubelj. The route is 2300 m long and at its steepest point reaches a grade of 33%.

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