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The dragon's natural kingdom above Tržič

An afternoon of wandering around the Tržič area with an experienced mountain guide and a backpack full of Tržič stories.

The promotional story of Tržič says that no route in Europe is as beautiful and steep as the one we will climb to Ljubelj Pass. This is still true. We will start the hike at Ljubelj and in a little over an hour reach Ljubelj Mountain Hut at an elevation of 1369 metres, where we'll take a break for refreshments before continuing. But we will not go Across Ljubelj to the Other Side, as the group The Sisters sing, but rather head towards Korošica mountain pasture, with one foot in Slovenia and the other in Austria. Korošica is one of the most remote and enchanting mountain pastures in the Karawanks. The lush mountain meadows are a veritable paradise for cattle in the summer, and we will enjoy picturesque views in the midst of rich alpine flora and enjoy traditional buckwheat groats with sour milk. We will return along the foot of an extensive scree field under the northwestern slope of Košuta, in which, according to the legend of the origins of Tržič, the dragon of Tržič was hatched from a rooster's egg.

Package includes:

  • transport (from Tržič to Ljubelj and back)
  • guided mountain hike
  • refreshing drink at Ljubelj Hut
  • a bowl of groats and sour milk at Korošica mountain pasture


  • gathering point: by the dragon from the rooster's egg or by arrangement
  • trailhead: Ljubelj (1058 m)
  • highest point: Korošica mountain pasture (1554 m)
  • difficulty: moderate
  • ascent time: 2 hours
  • descent time: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • total hiking time: 3 to 3.5 hours
  • minimum number of participants: 2

Package price:

35.00 EUR/person

Optional (for an additional fee):

  • ascent of Košutica (Baba), 1968 m
  • refreshments or dinner at the famed Karavla 297 Inn
  • tour of St. Anne's Mine, Ljubelj Labour Camp or the Church of St. Anne
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