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The mountain pasture of Korošica is located on the southwestern slopes of Košutica (el. 1968 m), also called Baba by the locals. The pasture offers panoramic views and is a pleasant destination for a short trip, especially with a bowl of porridge and sour milk awaiting you there.

From the parking lot by the J'accuse memorial, ascend to the right along a gravel road, the former road to Ljubelj Pass, until you get to the sign for Korošica mountain pasture. The sign directs you to the right along a well-maintained old border control or hunter's path, which will take you by way of occasional steep serpentines to a viewpoint from which you can see Born Trail on the other side of the valley, which leads to Preval mountain pasture by way of two tunnels. Stop for a bit and listen to the sounds of nature. The trail, from which you will have occasional glimpses of Stol, Vrtača and Begunjščica, will take you to a farm track that you follow for a few dozen metres. A pleasant forest trail settles into a gradual ascent and eventually leads to the treeline. At this point you are on the pasture,  where in summer you will be greeted by the clanging of cowbells or the neighing of horses. Keep to the right. Soon you'll come to a fork, where you take the right-hand trail (the left one goes to Ljubelj Mountain Hut and Košutica). Continue along a wide trail, which will take you to the mountain dairy on Korošica in about ten minutes.

A rest in front of the hut on Korošica

During the grazing season you can refresh yourself at the mountain dairy with sour milk, cottage cheese, masovnek, and porridge. Sit for a time and enjoy the views of Kramarica, Košutica, Veliki Vrh on Košuta, Begunjščica, Vrtača and Stol (the highest peak in the Karawanks).

Return to where you started by a different trail. In front of the dairy go down to the wooden gate, which you mustn't forget to close after you. Descend through the meadow, where you can gather herbs for making mountain tea for drinking in the winter, to a farm track and walk along it. In some places the track, which is used by the herder to bring up everthing needed for a three-month stay on the pasture, descends quite steeply. When you get to a largish clearing turn sharply right and soon you'll come to a large boulder that rolled there from who knows where. Is it really supported by a small spruce? After a few turns you'll  cross from the southern slopes of Košutica to the northern ones, to partially overgrown scree. Cross the bridge and you're already on the forest road that takes you to the main road between Tržič and Ljubelj. Before getting to the road, keep right and follow the trail that takes you back to your starting point.


  • Karawanks-central part 1:50 000, PZS
  • Storžič - Košuta 1:25 000, PZS

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