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T13 - Zelenica-Begunjščica
Across St. Anne avalanche area to a sunny summit

Steep scree fields descend from Begunjščica on the northern and northwestern slopes, and these offer the possibility of excellent ski touring in favourable conditions. There is no shortage of enthusiastic touring skiers on the shaded slopes above Zelenica, but due patience and caution are required in unfavourable snow conditions, mainly due to the often high risk of avalanches.

starting point

The parking area at the Ljubelj border crossing. Many parking spaces are available and it is suitably maintained in winter as well. There is a fee for parking.

You can also begin the tour at Zelenica Mountain Hostel.


From Ljubelj ascend towards Zelenica Mountain Hostel (1536 m).

About three-quarters of the way up, after you have already climbed over the steepest section of the ascent towards the hostel, you will branch off at an elevation of about 1440 m and head south towards the slopes of the St. Anne avalanche. The ascent will get steeper and steeper until the end of the snowfield under the ridge, where there is a steep traverse to the right. The last few metres below the ridge are often impeded by snowdrifts, so this part is sometimes only passable on foot (with crampons and ice axe). From the ridge you can see below for the first time and view a large swathe of central Gorenjska. A gentle ascent along an easy ridge going west will soon take you to the main peak of Begunjščica (Veliki Vrh, 2060 m).


The descent goes alng the same route as the ascent.


There is often an increased avalanche hazard and slippery terrain along the whole of the route. Only undertake this route in suitable conditions and with complete mountaineering equipment and adequate skiing experience.

other possibilities

In addition to the St. Anne avalanche area, ascent and descent is also possible along the avalanche area above Zelenica through the central gully and along the Smokuška avalanche area. All three of these, as well as many lines of alpine skiing and climbing ascents on Begunjščica, are only suitable for highly skilled touring skiers and mountaineers.

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