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Cultural and gastronomical subscription Polna žlica kulture

You are cordially invited to visit theatres and art exhibitions, treat yourself to concerts and literary evenings. Enjoy luxurious selection, which also marks the 20th anniversary of the Association of Historic Towns of Slovenia. Let us celebrate together!

Each town has its own soul and its own culture. Historic towns breathe differently than other towns; they combine the culture of all past eras. At every turn, the old town centres are a reflection of the past, ennobling the present. The beauty of historic towns is not only in their urban design, architecture, but also in the cultural pulse that revives the old town streets and squares.

Just as towns have created their image and character over the centuries, they still create their uniqueness today. Just as town fairs drew attention to themselves with the smell of typical dishes in the past, so are culinary delights and home-made dishes an integral part of the social life culture and cultural experiences.

Let us join town trips with visits to museums and galleries, exhibitions and various events. Let us combine a visit to a town with getting to know its cuisine. Let us choose a cultural and gastronomic subscription for ourselves, as it will turn an ordinary day or evening into an experience full of cultural insights.

For such purposes, the Association of Historic Towns of Slovenia has prepared a subscription, as colourful and diverse as the art that is still being created and presented in towns, which are proud of their past.

Bands and Stories of Dragon Towns

The Spring Concert of the Tržič Wind Orchestra and the Slovenske Konjice Brass Band

Tržič Olympians’ Hall May 21st 2022

There are still living legends about dragons in the historic towns of Tržič and Slovenske Konjice.
Tržič, which according to the legend evolved from a rooster’s egg, is hosting a band from
Slovenske konjice, a town beneath the mountain where a terrible dragon once lived.

Information:, +386 4 59 71 524 or +386 51 627 057

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