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K22 - Javornik pasture
Moderately difficult route through the Lom Valley and across Javornik

If you look towards Tržič from the west, for example from Dobrča or Hudo Field (Huško polje), your gaze will almost certainly rest on the green grassy patch of Javornik, the eastern neighbour of Konjščica and Bela Peč. Hidden behind Storžič, it waits for you to reach its summit. By mountain bike, of course.


Tržič - Lom pod Storžičem - Grahovše - Pavšel - Gabrčev Rovt - Javornik pasture - Storžič Mountain Hostel - Lom pod Storžičem - Tržič


The starting point for cycling tours is in the city centre, opposite the Tržič bus station. Parking is possible in public parking areas (parking lots at the Municipality of Tržič, on Predilniška Road at the entrance to the city-BPT, at the Tržič Olympians Hall, along the street Za Mošenikom, among others).

Go through Tržič along the main road to the northeast (towards Lom and the Dovžan Gorge). Turn right at Slap to the first uphill section to the village of Lom pod Storžičem.
Continue past the Church of St. Catherine along the main road towards Grahovše. The Upper Lom Valley is wider and flatter, with views of Bela Peč, Javornik, and Storžič. You can see the remains of moraine material deposited here by a glacier in the upper part of the sand quarry before the village of Slaparska Vas. At Slaparska Vas you will come upon a forest road: turn left onto it and ride uphill to the turnoff for the Rekar Farm. Continue straight on along the main gravel road past the Gabrc and Pavšel farms. There is a barrier gate across the road, where those who travel by car or motorbike contribute one euro towards road maintenance. The road flattens out; continue straight at the intersection, staying the whole time on the main road. It passes by the meadow of Gaberčev Rovt and then ascends to Pr 'Zdravc Hut, where you can refresh yourself and enjoy the view towards Storžič. Continue along the road and after 800 m of descent turn right, and then right again at the next turnoff. When you arrive at the mountain pasture of Javornik, you can climb on foot to the top of 1715 m high Veliki Javornik, also called Ženiklovec, before beginning your descent to the valley.

Ride along the trail across the pasture to the trail that leads to Javornik Saddle and Storžič Mountain Hostel. Turn right at the saddle and follow the trail to Storžič Mountain Hostel. The descent into the valley continues along the forest road to Grahovše and further through Lom pod Storžičem to Tržič.

good to know

In summer the pasture is grazed by livestock, so be sure to close gates behind you and and try not to disturb the animals by going too fast.


  • Karawanks - central part, 1:50 000, PZS
  • Storžič, 1:25 000, PZS

Rules of the trail for mountain bikers

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