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T14 - Korošica-Hajnž Saddle
Less frequented skiing area above Ljubelj

If you would prefer to avoid the crowds on the slopes of Begunjščica and Zelenica, from Ljubelj you can go to the much less frequented shaded slopes beneath the mighty walls of Veliki Vrh. Enjoy the solitude on the magical snow-covered pastures of Korosšica amidst majestic mountains.

starting point

Turnoff to the right from the main road towards Ljubelj, at the curve just before the memorial park of the Mauthausen concentration camp, or at the paking area for the memorial park.


The ascent in the initial part follows the direction of the marked hiking trail towards Korošica mountain pasture. From the road maintenance shed by the main road (parking area) follow the forest road all the way. It will soon lead to scree fields and ascend in a few steep bends to the gate where the summer grazing area of Korošica pasture begins. Continue east, still along the route of the forest road, keeping to the right where the scree comes out from beneath Zajmenove Peči. At an elevation of approx. 1370 m you will see your goal in front of you - the snow-covered Hajnž Saddle; in the direction of the saddle there are overgrown areas on the right, but scree fields on the left below the NW wall of Veliki Vrh, which are suitable for continuing the ascent and ideal for a nice ski touring descent. After the final steeper section of the ascent, you can look from the saddle at Austrian Carinthia towards the village of Zell and at the long mighty northern wall of Košuta to the right.


The descent from Hajnž Saddle follows the same route as the ascent.

Descent is possible from Grunt on the western side of Košutica towards Korošica Mountain Dairy and further in the direction of ascent; the descent from the summit of Košutica is difficult and requires ski mountaineering skills.


The hut on Korošica mountain pasture is closed in winter.  During periods of thaw or increased avalanche hazard the lower, beginning part of the ascent is particularly at risk.

Ski touring is of moderate difficulty; navigation is not difficult.

Other possibilities

In the middle part of the ascent you can follow the forest road that turns left (north) and instead of going straight to the saddle you can first ascend to the hut on Korošica mountain pasture, in the vicinity of which you will enjoy both ascents and descents through snowy clearings and mountain pastures. From the hut you can continue the ascent towards Hajnž Saddle (to the right towards the east), or to Grunt (behind the hut to the north, in the direction of the marked trail towards Ljubelj Pass).

Experienced touring skiers can extend the tour with an ascent of Ljubeljska Baba (Košutica), 1968 m.

Nearby paths:

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