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Hop-on & Discover

Discover the sights and learn about local stories in the company of a local guide every day of the week in July and August. Discover the unique cultural heritage and immerse yourself in the magic of breathtaking natural attractions. Discover fascinating places and their attractions on half-day summer excursions.

Join half-day guided tours where you will visit and explore inspiring places in the Gorenjska region. Most excursions start in Bled, but the tourist bus also picks up guests at all major camps and at selected bus stations in Lesce and Radovljica.

Each day of ther week in the morning you can discover fascinating places and natural attractions in the vicinity of Bled: Radovljica, Begunje, Kropa, Tržič, Jesenice, and one day a week you can explore Bled with a local guide.

the unique dovžan gorge and the town of Tržič

Every MONDAY: Bled - Dovžan Gorge - Tržič - Bled

On a walk through the picturesque Dovžan Gorge, a local guide will reveal its exceptional geological history. You will continue with a tour of the old town centre of Tržič lower in the valley, which has a rich crafts tradition.

Trip description

The trip begins in the Dovžan Gorge – a picturesque valley with an exceptional geological history where a local guide will reveal to you a wonderful story of unusual living creatures and changing environments in the distant geological past.

Full of new insights, you will travel to the old town centre of Tržič. There you will find the dragon from the rooster's egg, which according to legend is responsible for the creation of today's Tržič. In addition to this legend, in the company of a local guide you will also hear stories about shoemakers, sockmakers, tanners, dyers and smiths who made use of the hydropower of the Mošenik and Tržiška Bistrica rivers to ply their trades as well as the proximity of a lively trade route through Ljubelj in a thriving crafts town.

Along the way visit:

PODLJUBELJ valley with the mine and labour camp

Every FRIDAY: Bled - St. Anne Mine - Ljubelj - Bled

Visit the former mercury mine near Tržič and the memorial park of the former concentration camp at Ljublelj.

Trip description

You will travel by bus to the hamlet of Lajb, where where a five-kilometre, fully preserved tunnel system for the former mercury mine (St. Anne Mine) lies hidden below the surface of the southeastern slope of Begunjščica. A local guide who will tell you the history of mining, life today in the mine, and the creation of karst phenomena as you walk through part of Anton's Shaft in the fifth horizon.

From there a short bus ride will take you to the site of the Ljubelj/Mauthausen concentration camp where prisoners from 15 European nations were held from 1943 to 1945, and put to work building the Ljubelj tunnel for the German Reich. Walk around the memorial park with your guide and view the remains of the camp barracks, other buildings, and the crematorium past the monument "J'accuse".

Along the way you can also visit:

  • The exhibition Ljubelj/ Mauthausen 1943-45


Every SATURDAY: Bled - Castle Altgutenberg - Castle Kamen - Bled

Visit the picturesque ruins of Kamen and Altgutenberg castles and enjoy the wonderful views of the surrounding mountains while strolling around the castle ruins.

Trip description

Excursion begins above Bistrica pri Tržiču, where the ruins of the former mighty Altgutenberg Castle lie atop a rocky promontory. To reach the castle ruins, it is first necessary to ascend a short, steep forest path.

The castle guide will acquaint you with the rich past of the medieval castle and soak up the views of the mountains above Tržič. During your visit to the castle ruins, you will also see an exhibition of wooden sculptures titled 'Forest creatures' and can search for the bewitched young castle lass.

After a short time at Altgutenberg Castle, our journey continues along the panoramic road to Begunje na Gorenjskem, where the magnificent ruins of Kamen Castle greet visitors to the Draga valley. You are bound to be impressed by the vastness and picturesque position of this prominent castle, which once protected an ancient trade route across the Karavanke mountains.
A local guide will acquaint you with the rich history of the castle, which was home to numerous aristocratic families throughout the centuries. The most notable among them was the Lamberg family. You will have an opportunity to stroll around the castle ruins, from the castle terrace
to the top of the 12th century viewing tower, from where there are wonderful views.


No stops at cafes/restaurants are planned on the 'A Story of Two Castle' tour, therefore we suggest that you bring your own food and drink. There are two sources of water along the way, where you can fill up your bottles with clean drinking water.

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Price of a half-day trip: €25 per person, children under 10 free.
The price includes transportation by bus, guiding on the bus and at the attractions in the itinerary, organization of the excursion, VAT.
The price does not include admission to museums unless otherwise specified.

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Half-day bus excursions are free for holders of the cards Julian Alps: Radovljica and Julian Alps: Bled.

For more information stop by the tourist information centre in your area or at the reception of your accommodation provider.

did you know that:

  • in the 2021 tourism season the Hop-On Hop-Off bus was turned into guided half-day excursions?
  • tourists on the bus visit attractions that are only rarely accesible to other visitors?
  • the local guide will present points of interest and special features of the places you visit?
  • a different excursion is on offer every day of the week?
  • the majority of excursions are organized so that you can take some time to enjoy local cuisine or explore additional attractions independently?
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