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From June 15, 2023 to September 15, 2023 we invite you to explore natural, cultural and historic attractions all around the Gorenjska region.

From Monday to Friday you can set off on a visit of the most famous landmarks and hidden corners of historical towns in the company of our local guides. They take you on a trip to charming Radovljica, craftwork Tržič, Jesenice, home of mining and iron making industry, and Kropa, the cradle of Slovenian iron forging. While listening to the mysterious medieval castle tales, you discover the ruins of mysterious Kamen Castle and Gutenberg Castle or admire magnificent natural creations in Dovžan Gorge and uncover the secret underground world of St. Anna Mines.

Local guides will bring you closer to attractions that would be hard for you to find alone. While being on certain trips, it is possible to join some unique and special adventures: coinage of nails in Kropa or making and baking a traditional bread called »flika« in Tržič.

After joining a guided tour you are invited to come and see interesting exhibitions in numerous museums and galleries in previously mentioned towns: Beekeeping Museum and Museum of Pharmacy and Alchemy in Radovljica, Iron Forging Museum in Kropa, Tržič Museum with its impressive collections of the history of shoemaking and skiing or Museum Area Stara Sava in Jesenice.

Every monday at 10.00 AM

Free of charge guided hike to Castle Kamen and Lamberg trail Begunje

Local guide will show you the famous history of Kamen Castle, which will impress you with its size and picturesque location. You will walk through the ruins of the castle, enjoy the view of the valley and the surrounding mountains and go on a short hike to nearby archaeological sites.

Meeting point: At the foot of Kamen Castle (Begunje na gorenjskem 140)

Every Thursday and Sunday at 10.00 AM

Free of charge guided sightseeing of Radovljica

Radovljica, a medieval town with an attractive old center that has been carefully restored and protected as well as a lovely castle park, is one of the most beautiful Slovenian towns. It will enchant you with its picturesque square, the only preserved defense moat in Slovenia excellent cuisine and rich selection of museums.

Meeting point: TIC Radovljica, Linhartov trg 9, Radovljica

Every wednesday at 10.45 AM

Free of charge guided sightseeing of Kropa - the cradle of Slovenian iron forging

Visit the lovely market town of Kropa and learn about rich iron forging tradition. Listen to the stories of blacksmiths` life and visit a forge Vigenjc Vice, where you will be able to experience a live demonstration of iron forging.

Meeting point: Next to the water reservoir of the old iron foundry, next to the Pharmacy Kropa (Kropa 1b)

Every thursday at 10.00 AM

Free of charge guided walk through the unique Dovžan Gorge

While walking through the stunning gorge a local guide will explain you its impressive geological wealth. After the river Tržiška Bistrica cut a channel through the rocks, it uncovered a complete sequence of rocks, ranging in age from 300 and 260 million years. Rock layers of this sequence are like the pages of a thick book, in which a fantastic story about unusual living creatures and environmental changes in the distant geological past is written.

Meeting point: Info point Dovžanova soteska

Every thursday at 12.00 AM

Free of charge guided tour in Tržič, the dragon`s town of the enterprising and the skilled

Learn about the rich cultural heritage and stories from the craft town in the embrace of Karavanke mountains. Before entering the town centre you will be greeted by a dragon from the rooster`s egg, which, according to the legend, is responsible for the emergence of Tržič. A local guide will tell you some stories about shoemakers, hosiers, tanners, dyers and blacksmiths, who took advantage of the force of the stream Mošenik and river Tržiška Bistrica and the vicinity of a trade route across the Ljubelj Pass.

Meeting point: By the dragon from the rooster`s egg opposite the bus station (Predilniška cesta 1, 4290 Tržič) 

Every thursday at 13.00 AM

Baking traditional bread “flika” in Kurnik House

Kurnik House is the oldest house in the town, where you can try to shape a traditional bread »flika« with cream and cumin and bake it in a brick oven in black kitchen. Besides, you can taste some goodies from »pig heaven« and drink local beer, fruit brandy or apple juice. Kurnik House is more than 300 years old and has been converted to the ethnological museum, where the local dwelling culture is displayed and where you can visit a permanent exhibition, showing the art of making wheels.

Location: Kurnik House, Kurnikova pot 2, 4290 Tržič

Entrance fee: 5 €, children under 12 years old 3 €

Every thursday at 17.00 AM

Free of charge guided walk to Altgutenberg Castle and the mystery of the cursed lady in the castle

You are invited to join a free guided walk to the ruins of the Altgutenberg Castle, which is one of the most important fortresses of Tržič in the Middle Ages and of the oldest castles in Slovenia.
After ascending a short, steep forest path you will learn about the everyday life of the people on the castle and found out how the knights were tested in the tournaments. It is said that a beautiful castle daughter once lived in this castle. She was under a spell and she turned into … join us on a guided tour and found out what happened to her. Perhaps you will be the one who will save her!

Meeting point: St. George`s Chapel below the Villa Bistrica (46.36075653669361, 14.288508717376354)

Every friday at 10.00 AM

Free of charge guided walk to the St. Anna former mercury mine

Beneath the surface of the south-eastern slope of Begunjščica by the hamlet of Lajb a fully preserved five-kilometer cave system from the former mercury mine is hidden. Miners dug the mercury in seven horizons and five of them were interconnected by a 150-metre long blind shaft. The guide will lead you through a section of Anton` shaft in the fifth horizon and represent you the history of mining, current life in minor and the origin of the karstic phenomena.

Meeting point: By the former hotel Gora, Podljubelj 287a, 4290 Tržič

Every friday at 13.00 AM

Guided tour with entrance fee to the Museum: The Ljubelj/Mauthausen concentration camp 1943-1945

During the World War II. a Nazi concentration camp was established on the left-hand side of the road leading to the Ljubelj Pass. Its purpose was to enable the construction of the Ljubelj tunnel for the German Reich. On the other side of the road, on the premises of a former military border post, is a museum, where you can discover the terror system in the camp, the conditions in which prisoners lived, the construction of the Ljubelj Tunnel and find out some information about courageous and supportive civilian workers.

In 2021 the museum was prized for great achievement in the field of museology.

Location: Karavla 297 Inn, Podljubelj 297, 4290 Tržič

Entrance fee: 3 €

every saturday at 11.15 am

Free guided tour around Jesenice, known as the town of Alpine beat and iron will

Discover a town between Mežakla and Karavanke, which is famous for its incredible ironworking tradition. The exploration begins in front of the Tourist Information Centre, which is opposite of Jesenice railway station and continues on a trail Memories of old Jesenice, which leads to the Tone Čufar`s Square, a central gathering space in Jesenice. We will walk to Stara Sava, the one-of-a-kind ironworking villages in Central Europe, and hop over the Herman Bridge to Podmežakla Hall, the Slovenian hockey capital.

Meeting point: In front of Tourist Information Centre Jesenice, Cesta maršala Tita 18, 4270 Jesenice

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