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CheraHiking – experience the Dragon's Trail through the Karawanks

Tržič serves as an excellent point of departure for visits to the Karavanke Mountains. You can set off in any direction from the town centre to explore the area's mountain pastures and peaks. The mountains around Tržič are suitable for young hikers and families, recreational enthusiasts, curious explorers, and seasoned mountaineers. Learn about the local lore and people - visit the mountain hostels, sample the life of herders on mountain pastures, wander the high-elevation grazing lands, summit a two-thousander. Experience it all and enjoy it with us.

The CheraHiking team can assist you in experiencing our local mountains in a unique way and learning about the local people, habits, customs, and stories. You will not be just a speck in a throng of visitors on overcrowded paths and peaks; rather, you fully experience the pulse of life in the Karavanke Mountains.

CheraHiking – experience winter on trails across the Karavanke Mountains

In the snowy winter season 2019/20, you are invited to join CheraHiking in the mountains above Tržič: Zelenica, Begunjščica, Vrtača, Košuta …


Ski touring courses & tours, winter mountaineering, avalanche prevention

Safer between avalanches - one-day courses: how to estimate the risk of an avalanche, use of avalanche equipment and proper emergency response

Winter mountaineering courses: proper use of ice axe and crampons and other secrets of winter mountaineering

Ski touring – beginner and advanced courses

"Avalanche Safety Evenings" - short snow avalanche protection courses (how to use emergency equipment correctly)

Winter ascent to Begunjščica (2060 m) and other winter tours by appointment,

Ski Touring & Snowboarding tours above Tržič – Karavanke Mountains

Winter tours with snowshoes - visiting mountain huts in the Karavanke Mountains

Sledding on easy terrains

What we can offer:

  • professional guiding by a mountain guide,
  • guiding in English, German or Croatian; given advance notice, we can also provide speakers of French, Spanish, or Russian,
  • fascinating mountain tours, learning the stories of nature and people in these places,
  • authentic experiences of the lives of local residents in mountain areas (mountain dairies, caretakers of mountain huts, mountaineers, members of the mountain rescue service, hunters, and others),
  • spectacular views, unforgettable outdoor experiences,
  • equipment rental,
  • transportation to the starting points of tours and back,
  • instruction and training in the correct use of equipment: avalanche equipment and protection, outdoor orientation, movement along extremely challenging protected routes-via ferratas, mountain safety, and more, for individuals and groups,
  • planning and organizing of tours, advising,
  • escorting and guiding.

Ensure safety and peace of mind on mountain trails.

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