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CheraHiking – experience the Dragon's Trail through the Karawanks

Tržič serves as an excellent point of departure for visits to the Karawanks. You can set off in any direction from the town centre to explore the area's mountain pastures and peaks. The mountains around Tržič are suitable for young hikers and families, recreational enthusiasts, curious explorers, and seasoned mountaineers. Learn about the local lore and people - visit the mountain hostels, sample the life of herders on mountain pastures, wander the high-elevation grazing lands, summit a two-thousander. Experience it all and enjoy it with us.

The mountains above Tržič offer everything that taller ranges do. A multitude of marked and unmarked trails take you to green pastures where livestock graze and friendly mountain huts and dairies offer shelter and refreshment. Through cool forests you can ascend to the highest peaks. Sit in the midst of lushly blooming alpine flowers, quietly observe chamois, feel and hear the fresh, pleasant breeze from the ridge around your ears.

The CheraHiking team can assist you in experiencing our local mountains in a unique way and learning about the local people, habits, customs, and stories. You will not be just a speck in a throng of visitors on overcrowded paths and peaks; rather, you fully experience the pulse of life in the Karavanke Mountains.


The Tržič Alpine Trail is a 60-kilometre-long loop that passes by 10 chekpoints (summits and huts) in the Karawanks. This multi-day hike from hut to hut and summit to summit offers personal satisfaction, a spectacular mountain natural evironment, and wonderful views.


The Karawanks offer wonderful experiences for children and the whole family: enjoyable walks in nature, safe and cozy comfort in mountain huts, wide views from the summits, learning about domestic animals on summer pastures, and quietly observing wild animals in their natural habitat. The multitude of peaks and huts makes visiting possible in all seasons.


Even experienced mountaineers, veteran climbers, and sports enthusiasts will never be bored in the mountains above Tržič; the highest peaks await you, among them Stol, at 2236 m the highest peak in the Karawanks, the elegant, challenging and rocky Storžič (2132 m), the remote Kladivo (2094 m) and Tolsta Košuta (2026 m), the scenic Begunjščica (2060 m) and many others.

In addition to many easier mountain trails, you can also exoerience more challenging ones: ascent along a difficult protected route through Žrela to Storžič, an ascent of the highest peak of the Košuta massif, Veliki Vrh (2088 m), by way of Korošica mountain pasture, crossing the Košuta ridge, a via ferrata ascent to Cjajnik or Košutnik Tower (Košutnikov turn).


Are you bold enough to attempt it? The "instructional protected climbing route", a via ferrata, is where the more experienced can simply enjoy themselves and beginners can acquire their first experiences in the world of the vertical. Besides the instructional route, there is also the most challenging via ferrata in Slovenia - the "Sport extremely difficult via ferrata" up the south wall of the mountain Spodnji Plot above Zelenica (90m, D/E). It is a true challenge for climbers who already have some experience on similar routes.


We organize and lead mountain hikes based on your preferences. We suggest the appropriate level of difficulty and length of the hike and a goal that will bring you enjoyment, a great experience and a sense of accomplishment. The hike will be led by a mountain guide and mountaineering instructor with more than 15 years of experience, and occasionally we will be joined by experienced mountain rescuers and alpinists with many years of climbing and mountaineering experience from all around the world. 


We prepare packages for active outdoor recreation - mountaineering/hiking and mountain biking. The Tržič region is a true paradise for lovers of both. You will be accompanied on the mountain hike by a mountain guide, and the cycling part of the experience will be provided by professionally qualified guide. Accommodation and meals will be provided in one of the mountain huts in the Tržič region. It is possible to rent all the equipment you will need, both for hiking and for cycling (ordinary or electric bicycles):

  • less challenging routes, also suitable for families,
  • one-day or two-day tours above Tržič,
  • multi-day tour - the Trans Karavanke - by bike and on foot
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